Warsaw Ghetto

Warsaw ghetto was the largest ghetto of Jewish people held by the Nazis. It is located in Poland when it was overtaken by the Nazis. The Ghetto was set up in 1940 and it had over 450000 Jews there in just a few kilometres.

The Jews were rounded up and placed in these ghetto. There massive overcrowding and Germans controlled what went in and out. There was very basic food supplies and disease plagued the Ghetto.

The Jews there were eventually transported to concentration camps for extermination. The total death via the Warsaw Ghetto ranks under 400000 people. The Jews in Warsaw were being singled out as they had to display themselves as Jews.

The walls were erected in Jewish predominant area and other Jews were moved in. The Warsaw ghetto only constituted to be only less than 3 percent of the city. It began to resemble a prison camp as guards were at posts to shoot escapees.

The Warsaw Ghetto did not just have Jewish people on there as there was Christians in there. It is still a area of contention why they were there but reasons are the racist attitudes towards polish people.

The Warsaw Ghetto had conditions that were really bad whereby the rations flowing in were so minimal that Germans food intake was 10 times that of people in the Warsaw Ghetto. The Ghetto also contained many Roma people as they were classed lower by the Germans.

The black market flourished as more than 70percent of food came in illegally as it was the only means to support the population in there. Everyone participated and various underground establishments were set up.

The Germans capitalised on the Ghetto by receiving items of clothing for the Nazi army. They manufactured many things for them. There was thousands that were used in the war effort but obviously not willingly.

Eventually the residents were transported to death camps like Treblinka and others.