Stock market crash 1929

Stock market crash 1929 was a major turning point in history. It was proceeded by the great depression which had a knock on effect through the whole world. But it further worsened the plight of the German people.

After there loss in world war 1 and the humiliating treaty of Versailles and war reparations . At the time Germany was going through hyperinflation . The stock market crash and the events that lead to to the increase in popularity of the nazis.

As people became desperate, the ideology of the nazis became more appealing. In the election of 1928, the Nazi party obtained 3 percent of the votes. It was the first election since the ban was removed.

The 1930 election saw huge gains as the Nazi party obtained 107 seats which saw a huge swing for them. It was clear that during mass unemployment and hardship, nationalism and Nazi rhetoric appealed to the people. The Nazi party strengthened there grip as time went on.