Royal Air Force

Royal Air force is referred to as R.A.F and originates from the United kingdom. It was set up after world war 1 and played a pivotal role in battle of Britain and Hitler’s first defeat.


The battle of Britain commenced on 10th of July 1940 after the fall of France. Britain had declared war on Germany after invading Poland. The British had expanded the air force but it did count on having to go to war.

The Nazis threw everything from bombers to fighter planes to protect them. Hitler thought that like France would be an easy victory. At that time the Germans employed the blitzkrieg which was effective in France.

The RAF was outnumbered in comparison to the Luftwaffe but the Germans still managed to cause heavy damage to London and it’s cities. The German air force consisted of over 2500 aircraft while RAF had less then 2000.

In the battle of Britain, just under 20000 people died on both sides. Mostly was the civilian population.  The RAF used the spitfire and Hurricane in defending the skies.

The bombing in Britain was referred to the blitz. It was very difficult to halt the bombing but it halt Hitler’s plans and eventually he did stop it on 31st October 1940. There was a planned invasion by sea by the Nazis bit didn’t materialize.

As the tide turned for the allies, it was hugely argued that the air superiority helped with key battles and laid foundation for invasion of mainland Europe.

The RAF along with allies bombed Germany in Berlin, cologne, Dresden and other cities. The target was munitions factories and political targets to halt military production.