Luftwaffe was the German airforce which was instrumental in Germany’s early successes.The German airforce was expanded during Germany’s period of rearming itself. The airforce  had enjoyed superiority over the skies of Europe.

It’s planes were the most advanced planes at the time. They were pivotal in the Blitzkrieg and the blitz. There first defeat came in the battle of Britain .

Hermann Goring was the head of the Luftwaffe and was given the prestigious title after his achievements in aviation and ww1.

The Luftwaffe was originally made up of many units and the number reached the highest during the Soviet union campaign. The first use of the newly formed Luftwaffe was in Spain.

Spanish civil war

As Hitler favoured the facists under Franco and help achieve strategic victory. There was a substantial force sent by Hitler to conduct bombings in Spain’s civil war.

The Luftwaffe was given good experience in the combat field. The Luftwaffe also caused a lot of unnecessary deaths of the local population.  The most notable was the bombing of the city of Guernica. It was claimed over 1500 deaths in that campaign.

The Italian airforce assisted in this. The experience helped them prepare for the second world war. The German airforce  helped achieve quick success in the invasion of European nations.

The invasion of Soviet union didn’t destroy there airforce. The allied bombing of Germany severely hindered the airforce as production capabilities were put out of action.

The tide turned for the Germans and it was a download spiral from 1942. The early success could also be attributed to the lack of preparation by the French and so on. The manufacture of the airforce was done in concentration camps.

The lack of natural resources also stopped the airforce.  The need for fuel was crucial with the remaining fighters.Thousands of planes were lost in the battles. Eventually after ww2 the Luftwaffe ceased to exist.