Siege of leningrad

Leningrad was a city under heavy siege during ww2. The city was blockaded for many months. Germany invaded Soviet union in 1941. They had easy success early.

Germans  captured thousands of prisoners . They attacked Leningrad in September 1941. The Soviets prepared defences for the Germans.

Germans had cut city off. The city was surrounded. The attack on the city commenced on the 8th of September.  The airforce dropped bombs . The city was under attack for over 2 years.

Supply shortages

The city had hardly any supplies left. Stalin had asked to break through German lines. The lack of fuel and food caused huge problems. The temperature had dropped.

Leningrad had endured huge human loss. The city was ruined.There was a route where the city was supplied . This helped them to survive. Stalin ordered city never to surrender.

The turning point was the battle at Stalingrad.  The Germans were pushed back.