Lenin was a communist leader in Russia. He participated in the 1917 revolution and the Russian civil war. Lenin was the leader of the country from the October revolution till his death.

Lenin communist leader

There were events that made Lenin an active supporter of communism. The mismanagement by the Tsar had made a senior activist. In early 20th century Lenin became head of Bolsheviks.

As Russia went through turmoil until 1917. Bolsheviks had seized power and never looked back. Lenin had suppressed any form of threat to the party even though it was a coalition.

The Russian civil had started after revolution. It lasted from 1917 to 1922. It was a decisive victory but cost millions of lives. With Russia’s country on the verge of collapse. Lenin implemented new economic policies.

Having been suffering from illness for sometime. His affairs were dealt with by the party. Lenin died in 1924.