Kristallnacht was also known as the night of the broken glass. It was a severe and racist attack on Jewish interests.

Propaganda minister Goebbels addressing a crowd and encouraging this atrocity.

The Jewish population at the time was subjugated to extreme racist laws. They were classed as second class citizens and had to wear something to identify themselves.

The deportation of polish Jews in 1938 had resulted in a lot Jews being stranded as Poland and revoked it as well. There was a Jew living in Paris of polish origins whose family was expelled from Germany.

The boy by the name of Grynszpan had shot a German official as a result of it in Paris. The boy was arrested by the French police. The repercussions in Germany were severe as they banned events and newspapers etc.

The German official had died and as it was the anniversary of the Beer hall Putsch. Goebbels used the propaganda in a speech to stir the feelings. A secret plan to orchestrate a riot but target Jews only.

Thousands of Jewish businesses were destroyed and many Jewish males were arrested. The Jewish homes were robbed and being attacked. Thousands of Jewish men were arrested and sent to camps.

Some of the oldest synagogues were attacked and even cemeteries were not left either. To add injury to insult, The German state fined the Jews. In many cases the property of the jews went through a transition from one to another .

This worsened and there was a massive exodus of Jews of Germany to wherever they could go. The Jews took whatever they could and left everything else behind. Kristallnacht as many argued was the beginning of the holocaust.