Invasion of Poland

On the 1st of September 1939, Nazi Germany invaded Poland.  The Germans used a pretext of fake border skirmishes to invade. It took a month and  few days for Poland to surrender. The Nazi blitzkrieg plus the lack of polish formidable army made an easy victory .

The invasion of Poland was a secret agreement between the Soviet union and the Germans. The  Nazi-Soviet pact or hitler-stalin pact was an agreement on 23rd August 1939.

It was a non agression pact so there would be no hostilities between soviet union and Germany. It was signed by the 2 foreign ministers of soviet union Molotov and German Ribbentrop .

The interesting part of the pact was to carve out parts of Europe like Poland and other nations. The Wermacht was far more superior in numbers and in modern terms. The Germans have been arming themselves inorder for an opportunity lile this.

Poland was a relatively under developed nation and start the industrial modernisation required money. Therefore the polish were already at a disadvantage. The invasion started on 1st of September 1939. The Luftwaffe started the attack first before German warship opened fire.

The Germans advanced from north, west and southern borders. The french and British declared war on Germany. Already facing overwhelming odds, on 17th of September the soviet army of under a million crossed over to Poland.

The soviets killed many polish officers and the attrocities committed by the Germans aswell. It did not stop there as the soviets mass executions of Polish officers and othersin 1940. Approximately over 20000 were killed.

The british and French declared war on Germany but did not do so on the soviet union.The invasion of Poland had resulted in over 5 million poles dying along with virtually wiping out the jewish population..

The atrocities were to extermination camps to mass murder in forests to hunger and starvation in the Ghetto. The polish fouggt bravely and did inflict loses on the Germans but superiority and the soviet union made the polish government escape and surrender.