Hirohito was the Emperor of Japan from 1926 to his death in 1989. Emperors in Japan are reverred like a God like status. Hirohito ascended to the throne in 1926.

Japan had established herself as a military power by defeating Russia and helping the allies in the first world war. They awarded Germanys territories in china and elsewhere.

The military were gaining more power within the government. Initially Japan had successive wars against china which gave them control over large parts of china.

The government persuaded the Emperor to make a pact with the nazi Germans and facist Italians. The Japanese wanted to expand themselves into southeast asia and china with no interference from the westerners .

The emperor hirohito was approached by Generals who unanimously voted for war. The emperor was not keen for this as he wanted that as a last option.

The war preparations still continued even though Hirohito preferred to resolve any differences. The war in Europe had already begun and France and others were falling.

As the situation between the USA and Japan became tense and the likelihood of a Japanese attack. The Americans stated the japanese pull back from there expansion plans.

Pearl Harbour attack

The Emperor had eventaully neen moved towards a position of war and had seen the pearl harbour attack plans. The attact took place on the 7th of December 1941. This brought America into the war.

The Japanese simultaneously attacked other locations like hong kong.