Hermann Goring

Hermann Goring was a pilot in the first world war 1  hero and he was a senior politician. Hermann Goring was initially a foot soldier in world war 1. After many attempts he managed to get transferred to the air force.

He had received the Iron cross for missions. AS the great war ended, He still remained in flying aviation and flew private flights. He spent much time in Scandinavia and met his first wife there.

It was in Munich in the year of 1922 that Goring had met Hitler and joined the Nazi party. After hearing one of his speeches and believed in similar sentiments that Germany was betrayed by people within the government.

Hitler had likes Goring and the fact that he was a decorated hero. Goring managed to organise the S.A. which he was given a leadership role. During the Beer hall Putsch of 1923 , the Nazis failed to seize power and Hitler was arrested.

Hermann Goring was shot and he was taken for medical treatment. It’s not sure whether he was shot in the groin or leg. But his reliance of drugs began then.

At this time and for a few years that Goring went on a downward spiral and his heavy addiction to painkillers. He eventually returned back to Germany.

The Nazis eventually with certain global events became the largest party in the German Parliament (Reichstag ). In 1932 the Hermann Goring was given the title of president of the Reichstag .

Another incident accelerated the Nazis to complete power. Whether it was them who initiated it or not. It was that time to eliminate people who threaten the Nazi party and therefore many arrests and executions took place.

Goring was made head of the newly formed air force Luftwaffe. Hitler also made Goring in charge of the rearmament of Germany . Hitler was impatient as Germany was not fully ready and Goring had stressed this point.

World war 2

On the 1st of September 1939 world war 2 started with the invasion of Poland. With huge victories and by July 1940, Germany had taken over France,Belgium ,Netherlands and Poland.

Goring was made successor and awarded the Iron cross for his conquest of the nation