Dresden bombing

The city of Dresden was a city in Germany which was bombed by the allies. The bombing was needed to destroy the infrastructure and resulted in over 100 factories and strategic positions destroyed.

Nearly 1500 planes conducted the heavy bombing of Dresden on Feb 1945. There was civilian life lost which was the negative aspect of it.

It was noted that Dresden had escaped the bombing and the industrial capability of Dresden as it was a key producer of supplies to the Wermacht.

Bombing of Dresden was also made possible as weapons were allocated to fight the Soviets who we’re advancing alarmingly fast. There were problems with the warning systems plus lack of man power and resources.

Thousands had died along with over 70000 dwellings destroyed plus the city left in rubble. The cost to the allies was only 7 aircraft . The German ministry reported the innocence of the city and that there was no weapons manufactured there.