Battle of Britain

Battle of Britain commenced on 10th of July 1940 until 31st of October 1940.Battle of Britain, in World War II, was an audacious attempt by Germany to invade Great Britain.The German airforce known as the Luftwaffe attacked British coastal defenses, radar stations, and shipping.

On Aug. 24 the attack was shifted inland to Royal Air Force installations and aircraft factories in an effort to gain control of the air over S England. Failing to destroy the RAF, the Germans began (Sept. 7) the night bombing, or blitz, of London. Heavy night bombings of English cities continued into October, when the attack was shifted back to coastal installations.

The Germans gradually gave up hope of invading England, and the battle tapered off by the end of October. Though heavily outnumbered, the RAF put up a gallant defense; radar, used for the first time in battle by Britain, played an important role. The Germans lost some 2,300 aircraft; the RAF 900. The Battle of Britain was the first major failure of the Germans in World War II, and it thwarted Hitler’s plan to force Britain to accept peace or face invasion. It had taken longer to overcome Great Britain and had bigger plans like the invasion of the Soviet Union.