Battle of Berlin

Battle of Berlin was the last stand for the nazis. The red army had advanced at great cost to capture Berlin. The battle lasted from middle of April till German surrender.

The red army had a 3 prong attack and advanced further into Berlin. The fighting was fierce.

Battle for Berlin

The battle saw almost 2million red army making an assault on Berlin. The deaths were over 200,000. The soviets in a matter of days had surrpumded the city from all sides.

The red army began continuously shelling berlin. The shelling was the most the city had ever seen.  Hitler already resorted to the fact that the war was lost, had stated he will never leave Berlin.

On the 30th of April 1945, Hitler committed suicide along with his wife and other members of the party and the children. That same day was a fierce street to street battle. The red army was fighting for city centre.