Axis Powers

Axis powers is referred to as axis of evil. It is an alliance between Germany,Italy and Japan. They fought allies in ww2.  It was Italy and Germany who joined forces.


Germany, Italy and Japan formed against communism. In 1940 the tripartite pact was signed.

Aims of pact

The key aims were to help each other. It helps others in terms of military assistance. They  also wanted to stop America fighting them. The aim was also to  make Europe and Asia secure for them.

Japan would control Asia. Germany and Italy would control Europe . Hungary and Romania joined in 1940. Soviet union wished to join. They wished to annex finland.

Finland had always feared Soviet unions behaviour. The Soviet union had invaded and annexed Finnish territory. It had joined Germany to fight Soviet union. Finland was a Nazi collaborator.

The main point was America. The Japanese bombing pearl harbour in Dec 1941. The USA declared war on Japan. Axis powers eventually declared war on USA as support.