Auschwitz was a concentration camp set up by The Nazis.The horrors committed by the Nazis. God be the  people. It was initially set up to hold prisoners of war and as it was located in Poland, the first inmates were polish.

The Auschwitz camp was systematically change in 1942 to start dealing with the Jewish problem. When the Soviet union liberated the camp in in 1945. It ceased it’s operations and resulted in killing over a million people.

The Jewish people were the most but other people like prisoners of war and people not fitting in German society. In 1940 the camp had expanded by 500 hectares and it had been amended over time.

The prisoners of war ranged from   people mostly from the USSR, Poland, France, Belgium, Hungary, the Netherlands, Rumania, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, and other countries.

Auschwitz camp was notorious for its treatment of its prisoners. In March 1942 a subsidiary of the Auschwitz camp was established Birkena.In late 1942 , an Auschwitz sub-camp was established. In total almost 50 sub-camps of Auschwitz were established between 1942 till the end of the war.

Auschwitz 1

The Auschwitz 1 camp was where the administration side was along with supply facilities plus the secret Gestapo. Auschwitz 2 is where the real horrors was split in 2 sections.

The first is where the gas chambers were for  exterminating the jews and others in Birkenau.  This is where majority of the Jewish people were murdered and along with the people who were sick.

This was the largest killer facility in the world. The second was a series of other camps where they were where all stolen goods along with Roma camps and son on. It also played a part in the war effort in order to allocate labour to German heavy industry for the war.

Auschwitz 3

Auschwitz 3 is where the more strong and able were as it was the place where slave labourers were passed over to German companies for fees. It varies in terms of the killed but at least over a 1 million lost there lives there.