Anne Frank

Anne Frank was a German born girl who was known for the diary she kept and died during the holocaust. She was the daughter of Otto  and Edith Frank. She had one sister by the name of Margot Frank.

Anne Frank died in a concentration camp in Germany. Her family fled Germany in 1933 when Hitler was appointed chancellor and the Nazis taking charge. All was well in Netherlands until 10th of May 1940 when Germany invaded.

Netherlands succumbed to the Nazis in on 14th of May 1940. AS the Germans set up a government and implemented segregation as they did in Germany. Otto Frank attempted to take the family to the USA but that didn’t materialize.

Anne Frank first wrote her first entry in June continued. She use to write the treatment of the jews and a daily chronicle. In 1942 is when the Frank’s went into hiding in a secret annex (Achterhuis ). It was a comfortable space and the employees helped them with food and other supplies .