Adolf Eichmann-The Architect Of The Holocaust

Adolf Eichmann was a member of the German workers party. Adolf Eichmann was also known as the architect of the holocaust. He was promoted to the head position of the Jewish emigration in Austria. He promoted the use of gas chambers during the extermination of the Jews in the concentration camps. He also oversaw the horrible treatment of the Jews and others in the camps.

Adolf eichmann was present at the wannsee conference.


At the end of the war, he was captured by the allies but eventually escaped.  Adolf Eichmann made his way to Argentina with the help of Nazi Sympathizers. He was eventually captured by agents of Mossad and taken to Israel. He was tried for his crimes and sentenced to death by hanging. He still is the first and last person to be hanged in Israel.



Adolf eichmanm joined the Nazis in 1932. He built his way up . He was given task of Jews and there removal from German society. There was no discussion of concentration camps. Initially it was to deport them.

He suggested the relocation of Jews to Madagascar. That was French but logistically was unable to do so. The absorption of Jews in huge numbers meant they had to rethink the plan.